Paweł Prociów

Probably the best IoT consultant in the market

About me

Expert on Bluetooth and other IoT technologies

I have worked for established cutting edge technological companies such as Gemalto, Qualcomm and Huawei in United Kingdom, Germany and Poland.

In 2010 I received a PhD from the University of Nottingham in the field of applying sensor networks in psychiatric treatment. I was also a reasearcher with the Imperial College London working on improving elite athelete training regime via sensor networks

Currently, leading technical implementations of a novel proximity platform in the Polish market. Introducing the biggest Polish beacon network with >3k devices and 1.5M app users.

technology in everybody's pocket

Bluetooth is one of the most established wireless technologies. Recently a new life was brought into it thanks to Low Energy approach incorporated in version 4.0. This monumental improvement in power consumption combined with its presence in all modern smartphones makes it the killer technology for rolling out wireless products. The entry barrier for implementers is as low as it can be. Get in touch to discuss your needs and potential solution.

Proximity services:
beacons and geofences

Thanks to proximity services you can connect offline presence with online activity and get invaluable insight into your customers’ habits. Use beacons which can provide accurate indoor locaton information as well as geofences which allow to target your audiences based on their geolocation and proxity to a point of interest. Explore the platform that enables that potential. Visit our website

The future of wide-area IoT

Narrow Band IoT is the latest and most successful attempt from the established brands of the telecom world to reclaim ground gained by more open transmission standards. LORA and SIGFOX generated a lot of buzz in the world of Low Power - Wide Area Networks and showed that there is potential in such approach. I participated in creating the world’s first commercial NB-IoT module from uBlox. Now with the standard agreed among the main stakeholders, this tecnnology is set to achieve success.